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Indie Inspiration: Viva Mexico!

Viva Mexico!

It might seem like an unfortunate pun to discuss a country’s independence in an independent film blog, but it feels right to us in this case. After all, Mexico is the country in which we shot our own indie feature The Devil’s Tail, with artists from the US, Canada and Mexico. It is a beautiful country to which we return often for inspiration, and in which we plan to shoot our next feature.

It is a common misconception in the rest of North America that Cinco de Mayo, May 5th, is Mexico’s Independence Day. But today, September 16th, is the real date of Mexican independence, and it provides a couple of opportunities to celebrate…

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Indie Inspiration: Dog Day Afternoon

Today’s Indie Inspiration: Dog Day Afternoon.

There are a number of good reasons to see the film: the excellent screenplay by Frank Pierson; the performances by Al Pacino, John Cazale and Charles Durning, to name only three of several great ones; and Sidney Lumet‘s direction, which is truly masterful. It’s an undisputed classic, and its core virtues provide invaluable lessons for independent filmmakers.

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Quentin Tarantino: For the Love of Film

In the new Indie Inspiration post, Quentin Tarantino: For the Love of Film, Ardent Pictures looks at Tarantino and the New Beverly, and suggests a listen to his great chat with Elvis Mitchell on KCRW’s The Treatment.

While we are not immune to the pleasures of being able to fire up a movie on blu-ray on a good HD monitor at home or on the road, sitting in the dark with an audience at a rep cinema – especially while viewing a rare or restored print – is just pure pleasure.
For some of us, it feels holy, like being in a house of worship, but with Jujubes or salty-as-hell popcorn. It’s just got to be said: nothing is as beautiful as light passing through celluloid.

On KCRW’s The Treatment, Tarantino shares his unusual decision to toss digital projection aside and devote the New Beverly rep theater in LA solely to film prints.
He staunchly defends 35mm projection as well as shooting in 35mm.

We get you, man. Pass the Twizzlers.

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