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Friday Fun: On the Road in Mexico

If you read our last post, you know that my first experience of Mexico was on a childhood road trip. And after a lot of flights down over the last ten years, I finally managed to get there by road once again. And an epic trip it was…

So here’s some pictorial Friday Fun: On the Road in Mexico.

With a dash of Texas thrown in of course. Thank you Austin.


Nuevo Leon…possibly…


In Puebla we went to a market where this VW Bug was parked. Just liked its face.


One of the many reasons I love Ardent director Chris Comrie, is that we drove six thousand miles without incident, except for that he got so excited over eating this sandwich in Puebla, that he drove into a pole. Pole: 0, Car: 0, Chris: 1.


Passing a Puebla restaurant:


Leonard at the farm in Izamál, Yucatán.

LenFullSq 2

Photo by Chris Comrie.

This fellow was also at the farm in Izamál…


From the Gulf of Mexico, to the mountains and streets of Puebla…





The glorious convent in Izamál, Yucatán, with an atrium second only in size to the Vatican’s.


The pool at the farm house:



It was a hell of a trip.

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