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Friday Fun: Lawrence Block’s ‘Where I Got My Idea’

Illustration by Samantha Swan

Last week I wrote about my response to a question that is often asked of writers, “How do you get your ideas?“, which also gave me an opportunity to rabbit on about creative thinking…

It turns out that writer Lawrence Block has a very good blog post titled ‘Where I Got My Idea’, and it is a charming and funny wee anecdote to boot.

(Did you mean ‘car boot’?)

Maybe I am especially drawn to Mr. Block’s post at the moment because it also features a cross country drive and as I sit here and type, I do it from the middle of big sky country, after a three day drive West. Though a contemporary minivan just doesn’t have the same romance as a 1968 Chevy, does it?

If you’re not familiar with the man’s work, there are words I could put in front of his name to give you a bit of context. Words like: ‘mystery writer Lawrence Block’; ‘crime writer Lawrence Block’; ‘novelist…’; ‘my beloved…’ – whoops, ignore that last one.
Ah, but he is my beloved Lawrence Block though, and he can be yours too, if you read his blog. Or better yet, visit his site and treat yourself to one of his books.

He is a master of lean, cinematic prose.

He is a master of lean, cinematic prose, so screenwriters take note. He has become famous working in crime, mystery and suspense, but the genres are almost beside the point, as he simply is a tremendous writer. His work inspires me to no end, and not because I’m trying to write genre fiction (I’m not), but because reading writing that good forces me to be better.

What was I just saying about lean, cinematic prose? That’s my cue to go I think…

In any case a bit of Friday Fun for you; in his Posts for Writers, here is Lawrence Block’s ‘Where I Got My Idea‘.

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