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Love, Loss and a Happy New Year - Ardent Pictures

Love, Loss and a Happy New Year

In 2013, our regular readers, flung far and wide though you may be, became accustomed to our posts, three times a week. All of that came to a grinding halt last Spring, when I lost someone extremely important to me.

Alan Sharp was a brilliant Hollywood screenwriter, my father’s best friend, and he was one hell of a man. I greatly admired him, and I loved him too. He was a big influence on me, and when I got news of his passing, my writing – and not just my writing – everything – came to a grinding halt.

We decided we would not post again at Ardent until we posted a piece about him. A tribute, in memoriam, whatever form it may take, we wouldn’t post again about our work, independent film, artists we admire, et cetera, until we wrote about him.

Well you can imagine what happened. For months I worked on the piece every day. Typically, I’d work on it until I burst into tears, then needed a break. It was very difficult and it was exhausting and I can only assume this to be true because really, I was grieving, and now believe that was needed first before sitting down and collecting all my big feelings and thoughts for him in one place.

And the Hits Kept on Comin’…

A couple months passed in this way, then a close friend of mine died suddenly, unexpectedly, and far too young. Christopher Comrie, my partner in all things Ardent, lost his mother a week later. A dear friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness. In November of 2013, an old friend and colleague died suddenly and also far too young.

To say that we were glad to see the back of 2013 is an understatement. 2014 won’t bring anyone back of course – would that it could – but one can hope for better things; new hope, renewal…

Now I am on a vacation of sorts and I sit with my coffee typing this, at a lovely beach house, listening to the pounding surf. I’m back in Mexico and I can’t help but be hyper aware that my love affair with this country started when I visited the set of one of Alan Sharp’s films when I was a child. Mexico is also where we filmed The Devil’s Tail, and it was my hope that Alan and his lovely wife Harriet and I would reunite here at some point, as it’s a place that’s become very important to me.

So this is not the tribute to Alan Sharp I mean to publish when it is ready. When I am ready. But it is to serve as the promissory note for that and to allow the Ardent Pictures dialogue with you all to start again.



Photo credit: Samantha Swan

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