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Friday Fun: Easter VS Passover in Annie Hall

Illustration by Craig Allen

Easter and Passover. Pascua y Pesach. Ancient fertility rituals symbolized by hares; blended eventually into Christian resurrection; the blood of the lamb anointed the doorway so the first born son would be “passed over” and not killed… and somehow many of us in non-religious families grew up with these holidays being a mash-up of Spring renewal, a chocolate bunny laying a pastel egg and “The Wizard of Oz” playing on TV before an extended family dinner.

In need of some version of resurrection, renewal and hope ourselves over here at Ardent, I thought the overlapping of Easter and Passover this year was a perfect opportunity to share a bit of film fun. It’s not “The Wizard of Oz“, but for some of us, extended family dinners were as terrifying as anything Margaret Hamilton screeched up as the Wicked Witch of the West. The Easter Dinner scene in “Annie Hall” is hilarious; a tremendous send-up of WASP and Jewish stereotypes illustrated via Annie’s coolly elegant mother’s controlled dining, contrasted against the Singer’s loud, chaotic free-for-all.  I defy anyone to keep a straight face while poor Alvie Singer crumbles under the bigoted focus of Annie’s “grammy”, and we see Alvie’s fear of how she actually sees him.

So, family and religion. There’s a lot to laugh at there, and this scene is one of our all time favorites. Easter Dinner in “Annie Hall”.

Flying Monkeys Not Included.

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