Secrets of Indie Filmmaking

Secrets of Indie Filmmaking:
Micro-Budget Cinema: Is Enough Enough?

As I was working on today’s post, my thoughts strayed a couple times to a piece in Filmmaker Magazine by John Yost in the Micro-Budget Conversation: We’re Only Talking a Few Thousand Dollars. Is Enough…Enough?

A very good question that. I reread the piece from last year and decided to put my post on hold, in order to link to this conversation.

My reason is, it’s a worthy discussion, and one that I hope that every truly independent filmmaker is having.

John’s conversation with Lucas McNelly begins with the question “When and how did Edward Burns become the mouthpiece of micro budget cinema?” and talks about the difference between the true $9000 movie, and the one that claims to be. It talks about famous people using Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, and most importantly, the context of the $9000 movie and where it might land in the culture of moviemakers and movie watchers.

Cliché though it may be, I think the more we reach out to each other — as mentioned in Friday’s post, as you all have been doing with us already — the more we share the heavy lifting, and the lighter the load gets.

Filmmaking is a collaborative process after all, and we should be in a constant conversation with each other. To share information, to listen, and ultimately, to stimulate and inspire each other.

So here is John Yost and Lucas McNelly in today’s Secrets of Indie Filmmaking: Micro-Budget Cinema: Is Enough…Enough?


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