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Point of View: Count down to Hot Docs: The Thin Blue Line

A friend of mine, a documentary filmmaker I met at the Beloit International Film Festival, is recovering from brain surgery this week.
To honor her and all documentarists, I thought I’d share my favorite docs with you.
Us Ardent Pictures types are wishing you a total recovery A.R.
Get well soon.

The next Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival takes place April 25 – May 5, 2013.
It’s a very good festival, and given this is a Point of View post, I thought we could take a look at my favorite documentaries over the next few weeks in a countdown to the fest.

Although I’m giving you my ten favorites, they will be ordered from oldest to most recent, chronologically.

Up first: ‘The Thin Blue Line‘, by Errol Morris.

This film is a visual and aural feast, as well as being the document of a man’s life.
The emotional score, by Philip Glass, perfectly underscores the story of the murder of a Dallas policeman, and the man that supposedly killed him, who always proclaimed his innocence.

A beautiful bad dream of a documentary, the first I remember ever being moved to tears by. At Randall Adams, I hung my head and cried. _________________________________________________________________

Read Ebert’s review.

Do not read it if you want to be surprised by the film. Save it for afters!

TRAILER for ‘The Thin Blue Line’ can be seen further below.



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