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Point of View: Animal Trainers in The Business

Look at the Ardent Pictures logo. It’s clear, I think, that we love dogs, especially if you read our earlier Heart of Ardent post about Isla Animals.

Dogs have been on on my mind in a different way lately though, as I’ve been thinking about how much of a presence they have in my next script. If this script and production works out the way I think it might, I already know and am friends with the actor that will play the role of the man in the story that connects with dogs better than people. He seems to have quite a nice connection with my young rescue dogs from Mexico, so I’ve been thinking about how that might – or might not – work on camera.

There’s an awful lot of people employed in the film industry, and some of those people specialize in working with animals. Chris Comrie recently worked with the gentlemen who work with the wolves from ‘The Grey‘, for example.

Mathilde de Cagny trained and worked with Moose, the jack russell terrier that played “Eddie” on ‘Frasier‘, and Cosmo, the jack russell that worked so nicely with Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer in ‘Beginners‘. Before going independent, she started out with the Birds & Animals Unlimited ranch. David Sousa specializes in birds and trained the owls in all of the ‘Harry Potter’ films.

To give you a sense of their point of view, you can listen to them on the very good KCRW show ‘The Business’, in which they talk about the animals, as well as the important and interesting point that many of the animals are rescues being given a shot at a better life.

Or a second shot at life period.

For a different point of view in the film industry:

The Animal Trainers…

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READ an interview with Mathilde de Cagny in The Bark.

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.


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