Secrets of Indie Filmmaking

Secrets of Indie Filmmaking: Strike While the Iron is Hot

As with any craft, discipline, or art form, making good movies takes time, effort, commitment, and focus.

Nowadays, an independent filmmaker has to wear many hats. On a day like today, I can admit it feels like too many hats.

It’s not enough to write, direct, edit, and cater your project. You have to package and market and sell the damn thing too — which means, for example, you’re constantly working on social media to expand your online network, or packaging a finished film for festivals or preparing a sales pitch for a new project, or any number of things.

Wearing Many Hats…

For instance, today I am required to write a blog post about some aspect of making indie movies, when in fact, all I want to do is to work on the script of a movie I’m very excited about making.

So let’s make a deal. I’ll go off and write some good pages for the next movie, if you’ll accept this abbreviated post as today’s blog.

Let’s say the lesson in this week’s Secrets of Indie Filmmaking is; strike while the iron is hot.


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