Secrets of Indie Filmmaking

Secrets of Indie Filmmaking: How To Prepare For Audience Q&A’s

Screening at BIFF this weekend? Have other fests to prepare for? Samantha points you in the direction of How To Prepare For Audience Q&A’s…

A favorite film festival of ours runs this weekend: The Beloit International Film Festival. It’s a film festival created and run by film lovers, for film lovers, and thinking about our happy times playing that fest got me thinking about festivals in general and post screening Q&A’s in particular.

As I thought about my own checklist, looking at Chris Holland’s extremely thorough site, Film Festival Secrets, I realized he has such a nice concise list posted, that you should just see his version.

In How To Nail Your Post-Screening Q&A, he goes over the points that will help you prepare. Or as prepared as you can be, when you don’t know what the audience will say…

Have a great time at BIFF this weekend, or at whatever festival you’re playing next…

Congratulations! It’s hard work, but don’t forget to have fun!

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See the trailer we made to promote BIFF. It played before all the screenings at BIFF 2011…


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