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Point Of View: In Praise Of Yoga and Scotch

Jessica Hinkson asked me to write a Guest post for her Blog From Yoga To High Heels. When I was told that I had carte blanche, ‘In Praise Of Yoga and Scotch’ was the result. Really, how could I resist?


In Praise Of Yoga and Scotch

I drink liquor and I eat meat. When left to my own devices, I stay up through the night and read or write and watch movies or old TV. Sometimes I wake up and dogs are on me. I laugh a lot and I do not look at physical exercise as an excuse to wear cute gear. What the hell, you may ask, am I doing in a yoga class?

Maybe you are attracted to yoga but have never gone to a class because, well… you think wispy girls practice yoga and you are not one. Maybe you’re a boy. Maybe you are a girl but don’t see yourself as that kind of girl; maybe you’ve heard the music coming out of those yoga studios when you walk past and think it’s dorky because you’re a crabby old punk or you’re afraid some bark-eating Druid is going to shake a rain stick at you… are you familiar with the phrase “it’s not the band I hate, it’s the fans”?

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