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Point of View: Harvey Weinstein on Movies

Today’s PoV post is a bit of cheat: why? Because we’re not dealing with a point-of-view piece by an Ardent partner today. Rather, I am borrowing Harvey Weinstein’s point of view to share with you all.

Anyone with an interest in independent film is familiar with the reigning king of independent producers and distributors, Harvey Weinstein.
Keep in mind that this is the man that is routinely referred to as ‘the Punisher’ and ‘Harvey Scissorhands’ (for his tendency to cut directors’ films against their wishes).

But this is a kinder, gentler Weinstein, lover of Alain Delon and French cinema, a guy that worked in a mailroom to pay for his college education.
He was made a Fellow of the British Film Institute for his outstanding contribution to film culture. He was awarded the honorary CBE from the Queen’s Honor List, and last year he was awarded France’s Legion d’Honneur for his service to the film industry.

Founder with his brother Bob, of the Miramax film company and the Weinstein Company, people are fond of their Harvey-As-Monster stories, though I think it’s fair to argue that you don’t accomplish what he has in the film business by being a shy retiring personality.

What I like about this interview, is that Mr. Weinstein does discuss the business of making and selling movies to be sure, but he also makes it clear that he was first, last, and always, a film lover.

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