Secrets of Indie Filmmaking

Secrets of Indie Filmmaking:
12 Key Traits of the Indie Friendly Director

We were discussing today’s Secrets of Indie Filmmaking post, which was meant to talk about reasonable prep or even “pre-prep” check lists for the the truly no-to-low budget indie filmmaker. We started talking about the kind of articles available online on this and related subjects, when we stumbled across a great piece by Mynette Louie.

We got enthusiastic discussing her article “12 Key Traits of the ‘Indie Friendly’ Director“; so enthusiastic in fact that we decided to postpone today’s original post and link to her piece instead.

This is a beautiful little piece, sharp, precise and to the point. For some of you readers, it will be a reassuring reminder of what you already know; an enjoyable read on a coffee break. For others, it’ll be a bucket of cold water to the face.

If that sounds harsh, remember; a bucket of cold water under many circumstances is refreshing.

And it sure as hell wakes you up.

Read Mynette’s “12 Key Traits of the ‘Indie-Friendly’ Director” here.

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