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Friday Fun: Liam Neeson with Ricky Gervais in Life’s Too Short


One day I was mooching about online and stumbled across clips from “Life’s Too Short“, the new comedy Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are doing with Warwick Davis. Because Warwick Davis is an actor short in stature who has worked with Gervais in other things, the premise of the show has a fictionalized version of that relationship, one where Warwick is struggling some and dropping by Gervais and Merchant’s office looking for work — which is the perfect conduit for famous people to ‘drop by’ playing ‘themselves’.

And that’s where I found one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen – certainly in recent memory. Liam Neeson drops in on Gervais and Merchant and tells them he wants to do comedy. But of course he is doing so with his serious onscreen persona, as if he has no sense of humor whatsoever, and Gervais and Merchant and Davis cannot believe what they’re seeing.

And if you’ve ever done Improv or are well versed in it, you know that a basic tenet of it is the concept of ‘Yes And’. This is the idea that when someone enters a scene and sets up its reality, that they’re on the bus or whatever, that you accept that they’re on the bus (YES) and build on it, like the bus won’t stop (AND). While at Second City we used to joke about getting stuck with a scene partner that would refuse this basic concept, so working with them was not so much ‘Yes And’ but ‘No But’.

And that is the springboard for this scene. It’s funny as is of course, but to be treated to the outtakes at the end where we get to see the real Liam Neeson discussing it, a man with a sense of humor and a gentle laugh, is an absolute delight.

So here’s your Friday Fun: Liam Neeson with Ricky Gervais in Life’s Too Short.

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  1. Jeco says:

    Really looking froward to the show. Can’t believe after almost two years of talking about it Life’s Too Short is finally here, I just hope it matches all the expectation.

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