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Point of View: I’m Going To Prison (a Guest Post by Jess Hinkson)

Actress Jess Hinkson shares what it’s like to get new script pages and to meet the role she thought she knew in Point of View: I’m Going To Prison.

A few months back the Ardent freaks and geeks received an email that Samantha and Chris wanted to shoot some test scenes for their next feature ‘Nothing To Declare’. We were told that we would receive pages from the script shortly. I was excited to finally meet ‘Diane’.

It’s an exciting thing to have someone actually writing for you, especially a talented writer like Samantha Swan. However, even knowing that, there is nothing like getting those pages in your hands for the first time and getting to meet your character! I imagined Diane would be fabulous because she would be “my” role. What she actually is surpassed my imagination.

I was in a public place nervously reading the script pages Samantha sent me. The next thing I knew I was laughing hysterically. “I’m going to prison!”
Let’s not talk about the looks I received after those words unconsciously flew out of my mouth.

You see I knew that some of the characters would be in trouble with the law. But I did not think my role had anything to do with that storyline, that ‘Diane’ was capable of such a thing. I was so very wrong.

Immediately I sent Samantha a frantic text, telling her how much I loved the pages and ‘Diane’. I thanked her for writing me such a wonderful part, ending with, “I can’t believe I’m going to prison.”

The evening of the workshop/shoot, I spent a lot of quality time behind those strong metal jail bars. No matter how deep you breathe, how loud you drunkenly scream, behind bars, it changes nothing. No one cares, not even Paco who is supposed to be my friend.

The question is: Does Paco really exist?

Unfortunately I am not able to disclose that information at the moment.
I am able to tell you that I experienced Coke Zero for the first time in between takes. Samantha says she drinks it like someone’s going to take it away from her.

How is it possible that a tasty beverage such as that is calorie free?


Jess Hinkson is an actress and yoga teacher. She is the creator/publisher of the popular yoga blog From Yoga to High Heels

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