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Friday Fun: The Sublime and the Absurd; Kim Kierkegaardashian

Here’s some Friday Fun for you all: I have never made any secret of the fact that I hate so called Reality TV and people who are what I call ‘professional celebrities’. Those who are famous for… what exactly?

Therefore, by rights, I should not know what ‘The Jersey Shore’ is, or who Jessica Simpson or Kim Kardashian are. I shouldn’t know who they are because I have never see their shows or follow them in any way. And yet, the level of fame they have achieved is so great, awareness of them is unavoidable.

Now that’s some publicist they’ve got.

Ardent director Chris Comrie rather likes reading the philosophy of Kierkegaard; needless to say, the day he was able to combine his love of Kierkegaard with my hatred of all things Kardashian and their ilk, there were some good laughs around here. That was the day he discovered the Twitter account of Kim Kierkegaardashian, which is… you guessed it. Kierkegaard’s dour philosophy of fear and trembling, combined with typical inanities from Kim Kardashian.

Wait… on second thought, number 10 does sound like me…

My Favorite 10 Tweets by Kim Kierkegaardashian

KimKierkegaardashian ‏@KimKierkegaard



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