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Friday Fun: The Inimitable Delightful Stephen Tobolowsky

If you like movies and TV and theatre and acting and writing enough to be reading something bloggy by us, then it’s inevitable you know Stephen Tobolowsky. A wonderful actor, originally from Texas, he has been a consistently working actor for 30 years.

Don’t recognize the name? You’ll recognize his face and his credits. ‘Thelma and Louise‘, ‘Picket Fences‘, ‘Glee‘, ‘Memento‘ and perhaps the one he gets “made” on the most; ‘Groundhog Day‘, in which he played obnoxiously cheerful insurance salesman Ned Ryerson. In theatre he originated roles in playwright Beth Henley’s work.

Since 2009 though, he has become known for his podcast, The Tobolowsky Files, in which he tells stories from his own life, many of which focused on his lively collaborative relationship with Henley. Intelligent, wry, often touching stories that are also usually funny as hell.

So this week’s Friday Fun: The Inimitable Delightful Stephen Tobolowsky. Listen FOR FREE and relish.
(I especially love Ep 56 ‘What Does the First Day of a Dream Look Like?’)

You can find The Tobolowsky Files on iTunes. His new book ‘The Dangerous Animals Club’, is a literary adaptation of the first 25-ish episodes of The Tobolowsky Files, and can be found in print and electronically from Amazon, Amazon Kindle and iBooks.


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