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Point of View: Your Wish Is My Command

Samantha Swan and Chris Comrie have an appreciation for A-R-T. In all media, all forms. They love conversation. They love knowing about all skills that you both obtain and desire. When it comes to being creative they really do try to showcase their ensemble in every way. However, and I say this very tongue and cheek, if there is a skill you do not want people to know about: don’t tell them.

How does one avoid doing such a thing you ask? Moderate your tequila intake.

Back in the 90s I had decided to get certified as a makeup artist. I had been obsessed with makeup since my first dance performance at the age of seven. Electric blue eye shadow, frosted pink lipstick, I was a glam gal right from the beginning! Why I decided to pick my nose for the entire performance I’ll never know.

I did use my makeup artistry skills for a few years; I also tended bar. I studied acting; yoga. In short, being a professional makeup artist became less interesting to me as I did other things. Over a few tequilas one night I told Sam and Chris that I was “technically” a certified makeup artist. I told them crazy stories, we laughed, we shook our heads, and besides the minor hangover I had the following day I thought nothing of it.

A year later over coffee Sam says, “So Lady, remember how you told CC and I that being a makeup artist was a skill that you have? Well, we are going to be shooting some test scenes for our upcoming feature Nothing To Declare and we need some special effects makeup done on Robert Fulton. You can of course say no, but we just thought maybe you might want to do it?”

Of course there was no pressure if I really didn’t want to do it, like anything when it comes to working with Ardent Pictures; I did not have to do it. But, Sam and Chris are the kind of people you want to say YES to! Even if they were to ask you to lie in the middle of a road tied and bound naked because of a psycho bunny killer feature they were filming, you would do it!

So, I of course said, “yes”. They double, triple checked to make sure that I was okay with saying “yes” just in case I wanted to change my mind. It was just for tests after all. They also told me, that if I wanted, I could use a pseudonym if it came to credits. All because they want to make sure that everyone is taken care of. They want to make sure that you are okay with the decisions that you make. That it isn’t a decision or an experience that you would ever look back on with regret.

The night on set workshopping scenes and filming tests for Nothing To Declare ended up being a hysterically fun evening. I gave Rob a sunburn, a black eye, and he went to jail. It was as simple as that. Plus I got to see him do some interesting things with a microwave. PG 13? I don’t think so.

Jessica Hinkson is an actress, yoga teacher and writer. Jessica has traveled all over the world, loves cooking, photography, and hanging out with her golden retriever Kaia. She writes about peace, yoga and life at From Yoga to High Heels. She is looking forward to working with Ardent Pictures on their next feature Nothing To Declare later this year. She has also just completed writing her first short film titled, A Voice To The Writer, which will make it debut in September 2012.

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