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Indie Inspiration: Dax Shepard on The Treatment

You might wonder why we’re writing about Shepard – wait, the guy from ‘Punk’d’? Don’t you guys write about serious actors, writers and directors? Yes we do, but that also means we value good and interesting work and Dax Shepard does it. Look at him playing it straight in Bob Odenkirk’s comedy ‘Let’s Go To Prison‘. It’s a very funny and somehow real performance, of a guy you feel you know. That in fact may be the greatest part of his skill; that accessibility. Truly good actors ultimately allow you to relate to them by letting you  in. You can see he’s honest and wide open in any scene in NBC’s ‘Parenthood’, where he can hold his own in scenes with Craig T Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia. And they’re heavy hitters.

We love Dax because he’s got crazy eyes and over the years has become quite a good actor.  Not only that, but he has started writing and directing movies.
His latest, ‘Hit & Run’ is a romantic comedy crossed with a car chase movie.  There’s a 70’s shaggy feel to the film; it’s shaggy and familiar like Dax is shaggy and familiar and we think that has value.

In his interview with Elvis Mitchell, you get a sense of his passion for his film and his hope that people receive it in the spirit with which it was intended. An avid racer and car collector, Dax does his own driving and stunts in the movie in his own cars.

Now, that’s indie.

LISTEN or DOWNLOAD Elvis Mitchell talking to Dax Shepard on KCRW’s The Treatment.

You can find The Treatment on their Facebook page.

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