The Heart of Ardent

Heart of Ardent: Halloween Hooch: My Black Heart

As part of our countdown to Hallowe’en, here’s more of the Heart of Ardent; my continued love of cocktails and my irrational love of Hallowe’en. They get to fuse together here like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. Cue lightning zaps and Theramin.

Pretty much any excuse to play mixologist for friends is a good thing, and nothing makes you feel more witchy than black potions or a twig of dried licorice root.

My Black Heart:


Approximately 2 1/2 oz vodka
Around 3/4 oz black sambuca (for example, Ramazzotti Black Sambuca)
A short black licorice candy stick for garnish; I usually cut mine in half for a martini glass


Pour the vodka and the black sambuca into a cocktail shaker with a lot of ice.
Shake well.
Strain into a chilled martini glass.

Garnish your Hallowe’en hooch with a short black licorice candy “twizzle” stick, or a real twig of dried licorice root.


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