Point of View: Coffee, Tequila, and Making Films (A Guest Post by Jessica Hinkson)

When I first met Samantha Swan four years ago, I had no idea about the relationship that was to come. Samantha had been attending my yoga classes quite regularly, and one day as she was making her way out of the yogic womb in a yogic stone: I cornered her as no yoga teacher should. Besides the fact that she is always wearing a perfect shade of red lipstick, not to mention fabulous nail polish colors, I wondered what she did for a living. I looked her up and down with my Serious Mysterious face and said, “You are an actress, aren’t you?” She began laughing and simply replied, “Yes, a writer too. Coffee?” Which, if you didn’t know already, Samantha and Chris to put it lightly are, very passionate about coffee, not to mention tequila. I then met Chris Comrie who is the cool music fanatic quirky guy who is known for over sympathizing with actors. This quality is what truly makes him the fabulous director that he is.

From there on in coffee dates became a regular occurrence; they still are. We have dined at one another’s houses, we have been on road trips to see our favorite comedic faces; we have supported one another through rough times. Not only do we have a working relationship, we are friends.

Back in April of this year I was in BC for my grandparent’s 60th anniversary. I was reading, Just Kids by Patti Smith. Not only was I inspired by the book, I felt I had become lazy with my art so to speak. I had been told for years that I should write. I was terrified that what I had to say was of no importance. However, after reading Patti’s book, I realized I was wrong. When I got back to Toronto I told Sam and Chris over one of our coffee dates that I had an idea for a short art film, and would they interested in reading my script? Potentially I wanted Ardent Pictures to make it. They didn’t just agree to read the script, but to shoot it. Did your jaw just drop? So had mine. I couldn’t believe that they had agreed to make my film without at least reading the script (which by the way I had not even written yet). I wrote the script a few days later and two weeks later we shot the film.

If you didn’t get it already, Chris and Samantha are unbelievably supportive of their posse, their artists’ that they refer to as the “Ardent Freaks.” When it comes to creating and making, the tequila comes out and the ideas come a-blazing! What happens behind the cameras we can only be partially responsible for…it is art after all, and when you get a bunch of freaks together in a safe environment: well not to brag, but crazy genius does happen!

Jessica Hinkson is an actress, yoga teacher and writer. Jessica has traveled all over the world, loves cooking, photography, and hanging out with her golden retriever Kaia. She writes about peace, yoga and life at From Yoga to High Heels. She is looking forward to working with Ardent Pictures on their next feature Nothing To Declare later this year. She has also just completed writing her first short film titled, A Voice To The Writer, which will make it debut in September 2012.

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