Indie Inspiration: Frank Langella on The Treatment

Before I discovered that my iPhone could do everything except make me tea and toast in the morning, I didn’t listen to PodCasts very often. Now, they are a regular part of my life, as I like to listen when walking down the street, while using public transit, or while in the car with my partner. Listening to The Treatment usually prompts a good discussion of the guest’s work and / or Elvis Mitchell’s treatment of the guest. Pun not intended.

Whether it was while originating theatre with our Cygnet Theatre Company or with our small independent work in film with Ardent Pictures, director Christopher Comrie and I are engaged in a constant examination and discussion of work. We think you can hardly engage in the creative process without it, so to that end, on a regular basis, we’d like to share the work of talented people here.

Frank Langella has been an actor since he was a young man in the early 1960s starting in theatre, doing his first television in 1965 and his first film, Diary of a Mad Housewife in 1970.

His Dracula in 1979, in which he played the titular role, alongside Laurence Olivier as Dr. Van Helsing and Kate Nelligan as Lucy, unnerves me to this day, even though I first saw it on TV on some late night horror block when I was a little kid. His vampire is a sensuous cruel voluptuary and there is nothing cool or cute or twee about it, unlike the current crop of popular vampire fare.

Though I could go on about Langella and his good work as a young actor and his amazing work now as an older man, nothing I say can be as good as listening to the man himself.

LISTEN or DOWNLOAD Elvis Mitchell talking to Frank Langella for free on The Treatment.

You can find The Treatment on their Facebook page.

DROPPED NAMES is available in book form from Amazon.

…or you can treat yourself to listening to Langella read the book himself, in that gorgeous voice, by buying the audio book format from iTunes.

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