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Friday Fun: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

One night during the recent heat wave, tormented with insomnia, I lay under the ceiling fan and prayed for death. Hm. Perhaps praying for a swimming pool would have been better…

Giving up on sleep I decided to mooch about online and see what Ricky Gervais was up to. On Twitter he posted a link to something he did with Jerry Seinfeld.

It’s called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and his episode is Mad Man in a Death Machine.

It’s as strangely compelling as much as it’s funny, especially if you’re a lifelong comedy hound like me. I don’t want to say too much; it’s a just bit of fun after all. But I will say this: I was mistakenly under the impression that this was a Gervais project. It isn’t, it’s Seinfeld’s. And if you like comedians or old cars or coffee, then like me, you’ll love it. Especially with a hot cup of joe in your hand.

It’s a delicious 11 minutes and for fun afterwards you can click on the ‘Spare Parts’ buttons for outtakes. Enjoy it for a great coffee break and have a good weekend everybody!

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  1. Salma says:

    looking forward to reprot, but with this up, feel i can turn in now. (i’m spending a hell of a lot of time online this month listening to lots of talks and reading lots of news hence the rather obsessive blog-watching)

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