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Chaplin-esque short for BIFF - Ardent Pictures

Chaplin-esque short for BIFF

… And why Phil Luzi splits my sides.

Luzi the clown; Chaplin on a cold
country road

At film festivals like TIFF, they spend a fortune doing promo trailers for the fest that usually run prior to each film program.

Chris decided that BIFF needed something like that to promote the fest – in any case, he wanted to make it for the festival and present it to them as a gift, to be used or not, archived as they see fit.

They love the silent clowns at BIFF, so once he decided that was to be the basis for the short, there was no one better to ask than our own resident clown Phil Luzi.

He is such an adept physical performer that on the day of the shoot, during the bit where he fell when running at the car, the only thing you can hear on the soundtrack is me killing myself laughing. The bit was executed by Phil so gracefully that I had assumed he had done it purposefully.

It was in fact down to his ability to integrate several of the Little Tramp’s moves at once while propelling himself down an icy road – his footwear couldn’t cope with the ice, so that is actually Phil falling at the car.

But he incorporated it so beautifully into the bit by taking a second before popping back to his feet and continuing on that I believed he had been in control while watching him live.

Many thanks also to everyone who helped us, on short notice, put this mad little confection together; Craig Allen and The Richmond Studio, Emily Andrews, Sharon Coates, Jessica Hinkson and Jordan Kanner.

Because it is a promo and runs without credits, we’d like to give credit here:

This is an Ardent Pictures production, written and directed by Christopher Comrie, Produced by Christopher Comrie and Samantha Swan


Phil Luzi as Chaplin

Jordan Kanner as the Sundance driver

Emily Andrews as the Telluride driver

Christopher Comrie as the Toronto driver


Jessica Hinkson as the Beloit driver


Watch it now on the BIFF site Video Page!

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