Ardent Pictures goes to college

For those of you who read our blog regularly, as well as the one Christopher and myself write at The Devil’s Tail, you have seen or read about the New England Film Junkie piece on The Devil’s Tail we were asked to do for The Boston Herald.

The head of the film and television department department of a Boston college read that piece and got in touch via The Devil’s Tail website. He sent a very nice email telling us that he found what we wrote about making a feature on a shoestring to be very true and refreshing, and wondered whether or not we’d be available to do a speaking engagement for his students. 

The whole point of creating our blog at The Devil’s Tail site, was that it started as a kind of Production Diary, and we wanted to share it with movie fans and aspiring or new filmmakers. You could call it evangelizing the process somewhat, but we DID decide to write here in part to make new or student or aspiring filmmakers feel like they could do it too. Or for other truly independent filmmakers to feel like they’re NOT alone; because when you’re working outside the system with very little or no money, that can be a lonely process indeed.

I’m reluctant to name the college here yet as the details have yet to be ironed out, so that might not be appropriate until the event can be publicized, but it looks as though The Devil’s Tail will be screened in April for the film and television students and followed by a talk by Christopher and myself… which is what we tend to do at film festivals anyway.

So, yes; we ARE available for college screenings and speaking engagements, and we never would have been contacted if it weren’t for the piece in the Herald. A reminder of the power of the press once again!

And I can’t think of a nicer way to return to Massachusetts.

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