Happy New Year and Martin Luther King Day!

Oh the dreaded blog. How long I have been avoiding you.

I have finally come ’round to accept the fact that to be in the business of media the way I am, as an actress, a writer, and especially as a producer; means that I must blog. Websites have become too important to films not to.

I’ll repeat that, if only I can say it in my own head like a movie zombie; “I; must; BLO-O-OG!” Why the reluctance, you might ask, when seemingly everyone and their dog does it. 

Question asked, question answered. If everyone and their dog does it, I suspect no one needs me to. I doubt there are voices in the ether-wilderness clamoring for yet another voice to be added to the blogosphere. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of poor writing on the web, it being world wide ‘n’ all, so why would I want to contribute to that? (Crap, thy name is Legion.)

But the fact is, you now can’t make films without having a website, and you can’t make independent films without blogging about them, so here I finally am, even though it’s stealing from that pesky screenwriting time. And here also, finally, is why I am now able to get behind adding my voice to the chorus: when you make the kind of ultra-low-budget and no-budget films we make, people want to read about them online. Not just because of online and digital distribution, but because the community of indie filmmakers/fans in the world like to keep in touch with what other filmmakers are doing and how they’re doing it.

What did you shoot on? What was your approach? How long did it take to go from script to screen? Did it cost some money, a little money or no money?

I love film festivals with their post-screening Q&As where issues like these get discussed, so I see the value in its online equivalent here.

So here I am, alternately wincing and grinning. Wincing at doing this and grinning at the fact that it’s a lovely new year of hope and possibilities. It’s Martin Luther King day and Barack Obama is taking office in the US for God’s sake. Things are looking up and I will indulge my nerd self by saying; here’s to everything fine in 2009!


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