The Devil’s Tail in Post

Well, we haven’t posted anything in, well, actually forever.  We were busy.  But, the movie is almost complete, just a couple of sound cues to go.

Let me say this:  making movies is hard.  But the best kind of hard.   We intend to do it again as soon as possible.

By keeping our heads down and forging ahead throughout the whole process, I’m proud to say that we have avoided the curse of so many micro-budgeted independent films – you know, the curse of the endless post production phase, where a little movie takes years to finish if ever.  From first draft script read-through on December 17, 2007, to world premiere at the Orlando Hispanic Film Festival On October 12, 2008, we delivered a finished movie in under ten months. 

We did that by setting insane goals, and ignoring anything that threatened to slow us down.

I will take great pleasure in upcoming blogs in thanking the handful of people who have inexplicably helped us materially and/or emotionally to finish this movie without losing our minds or our home.  Nothing of value would ever get done in this world without people like you, so keep it up.

Now, I’m going to stop editing the movie, finally, take a breath and a nap, clear my head, and try to write some worthwhile stuff here about the whole process before I lose my notes or my memory.


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